Video Marketing For Newbies: How To Make A Quick Start In 5 Simple Steps

Video marketing for newbies can help you boost your business from the very beginning.

People love watching videos on the internet. People spend several hours every day on You Tube just for fun, to learn new things or to promote their own business.

No matter how big or small your business is, video marketing for newbies can promote your business for free from the comfort of your home or office.

All you need is to know a few basic things to do it the right way.

Here is my list of 5 simple steps to start your video marketing for newbies:

Step 1- Shoot a video

You have a business. You have a product or a service that you know very well. All you need to do is let people know why they need it, what advantages will they get and how they will solve their problem or improve their life. Shoot a video talking about it.

You only need a camera, a computer and the energy to get in front of the camera. Are you shy to do it? Don’t worry, video marketing for newbies makes things easy.

Just talk in front of the camera, as if you were talking to a friend or someone in your family. You don’t need to learn everything by heart, a few notes will be enough. Then, just flow.

With a little practice, you’ll see that Video marketing for newbies is even fun.

Step 2- Submit your video to video platforms

After shooting your video, edit it carefully so that is reveals you care for your audience. It is the very image of your business, it helps to create your personal brand, so you want to make it pretty good.

Video marketing for newbies next step is to submit your video to You Tube or any other video platform. Millions of people watch videos daily online, so your video can get hundreds or even thousands of visitors in months.

Remember that your video is online to stay, so it becomes an asset for you and your business for life.

Step 3- Promote your video

Video marketing for newbies will work really well because it has been proved that many people prefer watching videos to reading an article or a traditional webpage. Besides, stats show that more than half of the viewers take some kind of action after watching the video. Imagine what will happen if, at the end of the video, you tell them to visit your webpage… Your traffic can increase dramatically, and for free!

With video marketing for newbies, submitting your video to video platforms is not all you can do. You can promote it even more if you let people know about it. What about telling your friends in Facebook, or your followers in Twitter? And they will share your video with more friends and followers.

It becomes an endless stream of traffic to your website… for cost zero!

Step 4- Build a list of prospects

Video marketing for newbies takes care of your visitors. At the end of every video, tell your viewers to go to your webpage or a site where you have an opt-in form.

An opt-in form is something where visitors write their name and email, then they become your prospects. Normally, you thank them by offering a valuable free gift that prospects in your niche will find irresistible. This way, you create a win-win relationship because they get a valuable information and you get their email.

Why is the prospects’ email so important in video marketing for newbies? Because, by doing so, your prospects become your list of potential clients. Not many people buy the first time they see an offer. A sale needs time, trust and confidence.

Step 5- Follow up

Video marketing for newbies can tell you that building a list is the good way to build a business. Having a list of prospects allows you to connect to them. You first connect and, only after that, you convince them to buy from you.

With a list, you can offer your prospects your products over and over again and they can buy when they feel ready to do it. You can also sell over and over to your clients by email marketing, which is much easier than selling to a new client every time.

Video marketing for newbies is the formula to make your video jump-start right from the beginning, even if you are on a budget. Your business is a process, so make sure you are heading in the right direction from the very beginning.

Marketers who aren’t online will have a much harder time reaching qualified prospects and turning them into clients for life. Now you can go deeper into video marketing with this FREE report and start making a difference from the first day:

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